Thursday, 30 April 2009

No More DB, More CT.

I was going to post earlier but I have found my life is becoming quite hectic. I've had a thorbbing pain in the back of my knee ever since this person, who I find really annoying, hit me with a football. I screamed at him because he also said something I found quite rude. He hasn't been mean to me since, yay.

But my main reason for this blog, is not to rant, but to say I've making a new version of DeceasedBeats and it is no longer called DeceasedBeats, I currently have it called ColdestTouch. Still about a teenager who is secretly half vampire - unknown to everybody, including herself. But I have a few more twists in it now, I added quite a few more plot points and I had a problem with adding though, I hope I do alright with that now.

I went on facebook the other day, and a friend of mine wrote this comment, I ended up quite cross at her for the way she had been bitching about a certain group of people, myself included. I said to her that it wasn't right, she said we all deserved her comments, the rest of us all started being cross at her. Myself made up with her this morning, still cross at her though. I've been having alot of sleepless nights latley, nightmares. I think something might be wrong, I got myself a doctor's appointment, I feel sick alot of the time. Not a happy bunny.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Just The Beginning,

I have finally began a blog of my own, mainly because some of my friends have a blog, mainly because I need a new place to talk about the things happening in my life. Though I was asking my self the question, why do I even need a place to blog in the first place? But it seemed like a great thing to do, so I made one.
It seems promising, I will admit. I know the sort of things I want to post about, though it is actually whether I will ever remember to post about them in the first place. A friend of mine, Chanelle, I learnt she had a blog and she posted mostly about her road to publishing a novel. I hope she does well with that actually. So, as I'm on the same road as her, I thought I could post about publishing my own novel too, but I'm not at the same stage as her. For christ sake, I'm still writing. Six months in and I only managed to get onto chapter six last night, though I think it's because I've spent so much time planning it out, I had a major breakdown in communication with my characters and the plotline just sounded too familiar to something else I had read, so I spent many weeks creating a whole new plotline that I now have grown, to love.
Though I think I will stop now, to say this is the introductory post, I don't think it should be too long. So yes, stopping now. I think I'll be coming quite attatched to this site. I hope so anyway.